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Gyms have become a part of everyday life for many Americans: 1 out of every 5 Americans belongs to a gym*. When someone searches “gyms near me” or “fitness centers in my area,” are you showing up? If not then we should definitely have a chat. If you are, great! But when they click on your page are they likely to sign up?

Having a poor website will make potential customers likely to turn to competitors. However, a high quality website will make customers eager to learn more about your gym and get in touch with you. 

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Regardless of how nice it looks, your gym’s website needs to be search engine optimized(SEO) in order to gain more website traffic from new and potential customers. Your current website might not even be showing up for some of the most popular search terms. StyleSite can help ensure that you reach the top of the Google search engine.

Welcome to your new Gym website.

These days, a gym is so much more than just a fitness center with lots of equipment. In today’s world, clients are looking for a diverse range of resources for physical fitness which includes virtual training and other online resources. A gym’s website should be sleek, modern, and designed to showcase all that your fitness center has to offer.(like this one!) You want all your members to be access online resources with ease. Here at StyleSite we can provide you with all of those components and more. Be sure to check out the rest of this example website and contact StyleSite if you want to learn how to make a website similar to this one.


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Modern Capabilities

Virtual resources

Modern day fitness is about a lot more than just physical equipment. These days many gyms and fitness centers are offering virtual training as well as other online services. Make sure to stay ahead of your competition by doing the same for your customers. Your new website will allow you to display all sorts of training resources and videos. 

Tours and images

Clients want to know what you can offer them. Think of your website as a virtual tour, complete with the functional and aesthetic choices that make your gym unique. Imagery, and high quality design in general, are important to us at StyleSite. Give your clients a positive expectation of your facility before they even step through the doors.

Easy and simple

Going to a gym should be a smooth and simple process. The same goes for your website. You want your customers to have an easy and simple navigation experience so that they can find everything they need without any complications. StyleSite works directly with you to outline your site’s strategy, your site’s messaging, and your site’s layout.

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We have plenty of clients who can speak to the quality of work that StyleSite has done in the past, we’re sure you do too. Here you can have some of your most loyal members speak about their great experiences at your gym. Testimonials are one of your most useful marketing tools. 


I am grateful to George Copley and his team for developing a compelling website for my new business that was both on time and on budget. Throughout the process as project leader, George explained technical applications with their associated costs and benefits in layman’s language that I could easily understand and evaluate. Since its launch, I have received universal praise for the site’s clarity, format, content, and ease of navigation.

Tucker Mays

President, Smart Search LLC Advanced Executive Career and Job Counseling

I had a great experience using StyleSite to receive a free audit of my organization’s website. Despite providing a FREE audit, the StyleSite staff still took time to thoughtfully analyze the site and offer useful feedback. The best part is that they even differentiate between improvements that you can likely do on your own versus those which will require more expertise – i.e. a website developer. I definitely recommend StyleSite to anyone who’s looking to build, optimize or improve a website!
Darden. R Livesay III

Operations Manager, Greek America Foundation


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