Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

a good website’s secret weapon

SEO. A beginners guide.

Google gets 3.5 billion unique searches a day*. Thats a lot of searches. And each time, the user expects Google to provide the best possible search results. Google, and other search engines, employ SEO to sort the wheat from the chaff. To get a competitive edge, your site needs to be optimized for Search Engines. Good SEO practices include: implementing descriptive meta data. Implementing some of these can be tricky. Just setting up an appropriate Sitemap and implementing meta data means cataloguing all your website pages and researching the most effective keywords and search phrases.

If your site isn’t search engine optimized, then you are potentially missing out on a ton of free, organic traffic from search engines like Google and Bing. You need to make sure your on-site SEO is complete and keyword optimized. Search engines need to be able to quickly index and read your site so that it can start showing your site as a result when users are searching relevant keywords on Google. Whenever we launch a site, we make sure search engines can easily identify and analyze the site. Additionally, SEO is not a one-time job, so we provide a long-term plan for our clients to follow.

Supercharging your online presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) gives your website a huge boost on Google, Bing, and other online search engines. Implementing good SEO means you get ranked higher by search engines, which means you show up earlier in search results, which means you get more website traffic, which means you get more business.

Just how important is SEO?

In 2020, 91% of all pages never get any organic traffic from Google*. Many websites still aren’t leveraging the power of SEO to their advantage. That means good SEO puts you above the rest of the pack. On a Google search page, the first five results are clicked on a whopping 66% of the time*, and if you want to be one of those search results, you need to be optimized for search engines. The industry as a whole is waking up, which means now is the time to update your site to reflect 2020 standards. In the Web Marketing community, more than half of marketers list comprehensive SEO as their top priority.

Going it alone?

Yoast for WordPress

Everyones favorite WordPress SEO plugin, Yoast offers first pass SEO for your site, as well as a suite of tools you can leverage to get yourself started.

Building an Accurate Sitemap

A tool like this XML Sitemap generator can ensure you have an accurate, basic level sitemap to help Google and other search engines catalog your site.

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