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Users hate a slow site.

Your site needs to load and it needs to load quickly. If it doesn’t, users will literally close out of your site and go somewhere else. Thats how short a web users patience is. Beyond mobile optimization, and a high-quality design, this may actually be the single most important step to a successful site. So, at a basic level, a website wants to: load crucial content as quickly as possible; Load content that is optimized (meaning as small a file as possible, or as few files as possible); wait to load unnecessary content (content the user won’t see until later) until the rest of the page is loaded. Additionally, you want to cache all your content. Caching basically means storing site information that the user can reuse later. Instead of blindly requesting all the files and information again, the user gets back the same information they got last time from a quicker source.

In many cases, there are a lot of steps to take to really ensure you are getting the best speed out of your site, and it’s much more crucial to your website’s success than you might think. If your site takes more than five seconds to load, you just lost more than half of your mobile traffic*. Optimizing your site to ensure fast load times is a tricky task. Often times, there are quick fixes that can be taken in-house, but to have a really quick site, you need a partner with a specific skill set. We know the tricks, we know the process, and we can speed your site up with just a few days of work.

Increasing your speed.

Even if you don’t reach out to us, we recommend reaching out to a developer who can guide you through the optimization process, or handle it for you. Optimizing for the web is an ever-changing process. Your best bet is having someone in your corner who knows their way around modern optimization techniques.

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