Mobile Optimization

A Modern Requirement

The future of web dev.

Over half of all web traffic now occurs through mobile devices and tablet computers*. That means designing for three, sometimes four different sized screens. Our sites are “responsive,” a term that pops up often in the current web design community. It means the content on the site responds to the size of a screen, rearranging components and altering design choices to successfully deliver content to the user. Images are served in the correct size, which cuts down on site loading time. 

Mobile optimization is a requirement for every contemporary website. Think about your own phone use. When was the last time you saw a professional website that required you to zoom in from a desktop-style full page view? If your website isn’t displaying its information in a mobile-friendly way, then the unfortunate, hard truth is that your website is out of date. We design all of our sites with both mobile and desktop displays in mind, and with experience in iPhone app development and complex responsive web apps under our belt, we guarantee you a mobile user experience you can be happy with.

Is your site mobile optimized?

Maybe its been a while since you browsed your website on a mobile device. If so, we recommend opening it up and surfing the pages. Be critical, and consider if the site could be better designed for mobile devices. If you are a modern business, and especially if your target audience are young Millennials and Gen-Z’ers, a quality mobile site is not a suggestion, its a requirement.

Designing for dozens of devices.

In the modern age, web design needs to hit lots of different end-users. Did you know that, beyond a mobile device needing a different design, some designs need to be optimized for all desktop browsers separately? Components show up differently on Safari, Chrome, Firefox, as well as all their mobile counterparts. Differently sized phone screens all alter the content as well. Thats a lot of design to take care of on top of running your business.

Going it alone?

Double check your site on multiple browsers.

Each browser has different standards. Each browser can sometimes interpret CSS and HTML differently. Make sure to do your due dilligence.

Always check your site on a physical phone.

Check your site on a mobile device, not just on a shrunk down desktop browser. iPhones and Android phones can alter your website’s design separate from the size of the browser.

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